One of several infographics Elisabeth Fosslien created about what she learned as a consultant who interviews potential employees. - 

Tess Vigeland: Our little blue plastic friend is heading to Chicago and the home of 24-year-old Elisabeth Fosslien. She turned a degree in economic research into a job with the Leo Burnett ad agency. But she does hilarious charts on her own website, including one this week about how to conduct yourself during a job interview.

Elisabeth Fosslien: What struck me is there's always the standard question. And then, on the other side -- once I had a job in consulting -- I would interview candidates. And it seemed like not only were there standard questions, but there were completely standard answers, which I had even regurgitated at one point. But when you're actually interviewing someone, you're like, "Hey, that sounds familiar!"

And I guess I thought honestly no one had ever told me the interviewer is also a person, so you might as well be honest. I mean, interviews are painful, it's never fun, it's always nerve wracking. So I thought, how could I also present this in a way that's interesting and that maybe gets the same advice across in sort of a fun, engaging manner.

Vigeland: Well, I thought this was the most fun way to present advice that I've seen in a long time. So we here on the show have a weekly piggy award, so I hope you can use it to store a few bits of change. But really nicely done. Thanks for joining us.

Fosslien: Thanks for having me and I'm so glad you enjoyed them.

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