A man stands next to an olive press. This week olive oil prices hit ten year lows, adding more economic troubles to Spain, Greece, and Italy. - 

Last Groundhog Day we asked a couple of economists to play Groundhog and predict the economic future: shadow or no shadow? Today, we asked them to do it again. If you want to join in with your economic predictions, tweet us @MktplaceRadio.

European markets are up today, encouraged along by news from Greece that more people are supporting pro-bailout parties, but the economic crisis there is driving down the price of another commodity. Olive oil prices are at a ten year low as euro-pinching Europeans are buying cheaper oils. Turns out the big oil producing countries are also those in the most economic trouble: Spain, Greece and Italy.

Today is Memorial Day. A day to think about the other one percent -- the less-than-one percent of Americans who serve in uniform, and those who've died in the line of duty. We take a look at ways to support our servicemen and women and their families. Though Memorial Day is a solemn holiday, it's also a a day to hang out at home, and maybe light up the barbeque; for retailers, it's the beginning of the summer buying season.

However you celebrate or commemorate, enjoy the holiday.