This week, Marketplace Money went out into the field to conduct a story on "The Price is Right." - 

Just like snowflakes, no two Marketplace shows are the same. Each one is a matrix of topics, voices, and music. And each one represents the blood, sweat and occasional tears of a whole army of talented people. Though in the Marketplace offices, the process can seem less magical. It's a job, afterall. And it can be pretty easy to take what's going on around you for granted.

But after hearing Kai's interview with Ralph Eubanks from the Library of Congress about a new coffee table book titled "Two Hundred Years of Election Art,” I realized that despite the stress of deadlines, my coworkers were finding really unique angles on stories. So I decided to celebrate a few of their success and talk to them about how they find those angles.

We’ll listen to Marketplace Money’s feature about "The Price is Right" and talk to Money producer Devin Maverick Robins about what it’s like making radio out of the safety and security of air-conditioned office. We’ll also talk to host/reporter Adriene Hill about why owls make really, really bad pets.

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