A sculpture is exhibited as part of the 'Animals On Bikes' tourist trail in Cumnock, Australia. This week, Australia took the top spot on the OECD's ranking of national well-being, making it the world's happiest country. - 

Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill dropped about 2 percent yesterday after the company announced that federal prosecutors are investigating the company's compliance with immigration laws in its hiring practices.

Dell Computer is forecasting disappointing gains in sales for its second quarter. "A more challenging demand enviroinment" is Dell's explanation. In China, Lenovo is coming off a fine year, with news that profits were up 73 percent.

You can measure countries by economic growth, but that doesn't always line up with how well people are actually doing. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris looks at jobs, health, work-life balance, environment and more and which country comes out on top? You said a Scandanavian country? Not this time. The winner is: Australia, where for instance, life expectancy is 82, three years more than the US. America does well, in part because of higher incomes, but we get demerits in other areas including a high percentage of us who work extremely long hours.

To Tokyo, where 8,000 visitors lined up yesterday to take in the views from the observation deck at the grand opening of the world's tallest tower. The Tokyo Sky Tree is 2,080 feet tall. Some people reportedly waited in line for a week to be the first to take in the panoramic views from the top of the Sky Tree. But alas, it was... cloudy.

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