0517 walmart
Wal-Mart store signage is seen from the store. The company's profits were up higher than expected. - 

News this morning that Walmart profits are higher than expected during the first three months of the year. Sales are up 2.6 percent.

There's word just now that new claims for unemployment benefits held steady last week. That's the latest hint the job market remains weak.

The online site Deadspin has an account of a woman in Philadelphia who was asked to fill out a customer service questionnaire after briefly dating a fellow. The guy submitted questions via email like "Please rate Mike's outfit, 1 to 10." or "Mike is very self-conscious about his hair. Does he have reason to be?" Yes, Mike had said he was into quote 'data' collection and, yes he works in finance.

Dish Network has unveiled something called the Auto Hop  on new digital video recorders which automatically skips commercials when it records TV shows. As you can imagine, the TV networks really don't like that. And at least one -- Fox -- is exacting revenge. Dish Network is trying to air commercials for the new technology and Fox has decided to… skip them.

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