Office space chair
Kelly Bacon from TPG Architecture in New York discusses the latest trends in workspace design and what offices should do to create sophisticated work environments. - 

Workplaces today are more versatile than ever -- thanks to evolving technologies and changing work cultures. In today's Mid-day Extra we take a look at the future of workplace design.

Kelly Bacon, director of business development and workplace strategy at TPG Architecture in New York, says what today's office spaces need to provide is choice. "People go in and out of work modes throughout the day" she says. "As people shift in and out of these modes, their environment needs to allow that. Employers need to provide different space types."

Bacon says that some of the trends she sees in workplace design include a move away from individual space toward collaborative space and densification -- putting more people into smaller spaces.

To listen to the interview -- and hear advice on what workplaces should do to build sophisticated work environments -- click the play button on the audio player above.

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