President Barack Obama waves as he boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Obama is headed to Seattle and Los Angeles to attend campaign fundraisers. - 

President Obama is off to a fundraiser in Hollywood. With Mitt Romney out-raising him on Wall Street,  Obama needs Tinseltown more than ever. The fundraiser comes on the heels of his endorsement of same-sex marriage. We speak with Gallup's Frank Newport to see how Americans feel about gay marriage.

The Federal Reserve has approved the plans of three state-backed Chinese banks to expand into the U.S. Chinese banks have been trying to get a foothold here for years but have mostly been blocked.

The number of people filing for unemployment benefits fell last week to 367,000. That could help ease fears that the job market is stagnating. And the government gave us some numbers on U.S. trade this morning. Both imports and exports hit record levels last month. Though economists say exports could fall in the coming months -- if things get worse in Europe, which buys a lot of stuff from us.

The government of Spain has taken over one of the country's biggest banks, Bankia, in hopes of ending a four-year-old banking crisis. Still no word on who's going to run Greece next. Two political parties have tried and failed to form coalition governments after a split decision in last weekend's elections. A third party is trying today. If no one can put together a coalition, new elections will have to be held.

To New York City where developers say they could save $20 million if they drop plans to put an ornamental white shell around the antenna atop the new World Trade Center Building. That's according to the Wall Street Journal. Removing the shell though, might mean the building can't technically become the tallest structure in the U.S. when it's completed next year. That's because when it comes to skyscraper height, spires count, antennas don't. With the spire, the building would reach 1,776 feet. Without it, 1,368.

To the British Cheese Board which wants a new "national anthem" for the U.K.'s most popular cheese: cheddar. It's asking people to come up with lyrics to the tune of songs like "God Save the Queen." One cheesemaker told the BBC it'll be a fun way to combine two of the best things in life: music and cheese.

Finally, You know that Siri sound? There's patent for that. Apple has just filed to trademark the sound associated with its voice recognition system.

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