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Tugboats towing the oil tanker Exxon Valdez two weeks after the tanker ran aground 24 March, 1989, and spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil. Now, the tanker has been sold for scrap metal. - 

Oil prices are slightly lower this morning, around $124 a barrel in overseas trading -- but that is still very high.

Mitt Romney is one step closer to being the Republican Presidential Nominee this morning after beating his opponents by double digits in yesterday's Illinois Primary. Romney put his business background front and center as he campaigned in Illinois. And as he claimed victory last night. You can hear our conversations about all the candidates are Marketplace.org. And while you're there, tell us what you would like to ask President Obama. Kai Ryssdal will be interviewing the President later today in Nevada... And he'll be checking your questions at marketplace.org.

A new report from NPD In-Stat says that by 2016, 100 million homes in the US and western Europe will have TVs that can also access internet content. Currently only 12 million US households do.

To the ship once known as the Exxon Valdez -- the one responsible for the worst oil tanker spill in U.S. history back in 1989. According to Bloomberg News. That ship has just been sold for scrap for about $16 million. The name Exxon Valdez has already been scrapped. These days, the ship is called the 'Oriental Nicety.'

Happy Birthday Twitter. Six years ago today, founder Jack Dorsey Tweeted: "just setting up my Twitter" the first ever tweet. The company could bring in $250 million dollars in ad revenue this year. There are rumors it could go public next year.

Now your dancing girl tattoo can actually dance Nokia has filed a patent for a vibrating tattoo. It's actually a tiny piece of fabric that would be attached to your skin and would vibrate when you got a phone call. The vibrations could be customized depending on who is calling. Wonder if there's an airplane mode for that?

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