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Three golden pawnbroker balls hang beside a sign for a pawnbroker in Argyle Street in Glasgow, Scotland. Some pawn shops in the U.S. are reportedly now accepting expensive bottles of wine. - 

Sales of new homes fell in January, but 2011 finished stronger for the housing market than the initial numbers let on.

Department store JC Penney says it had a less than jolly holiday season. The store lost $87 million last quarter.

And we have word that the Post Office is planning to cut an additional 35,000 jobs. It needs to cut its budget after more of us are e-mailing instead of actual-mailing.

Looking for a few extra dollars? Or a few extra hundreds-of-thousands of dollars? There's always the pawn shop. According to Reuters, pawn shops that cater to the wealthy have started taking wine in collateral. And no, we're not talking Yellowtail Merlot, or two buck Chuck -- I can guess how much I'd get for that. Instead, pawn shops are paying out for cases of Chateau d'Yquem and Chateau Margaux.

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