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An attendee uses an iPhone to photograph a painting of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs in San Francisco, Calif. - 

So, obviously, we do a lot of stories about CEOs and the corner office here at Marketplace.

Their business strategies, their stock buyback plans. Stepping down, getting promoted.

But, their high school GPA? Or when they propose to their girlfriend?

It seems that these days, we know more and more about corporate brass as public figures, as celebrities. How much do their personal lives determine the success of their company?

In today's Mid-day Extra, we explore where the line is between public company and public image. Here to talk with us about that is Nell Minow, corporate governance expert from GMI Ratings.

She points out that we have been interested in the rich and powerful since the days of the Rockefellers, but that we definitely know more now than ever before -- and that's a good thing.

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