0201 candyland
Colored squares decorate Lombard Street as kids play the world's largest game of Candyland August 19, 2009 in San Francisco, Calif. What would a movie version of the game look like? - 

Coming soon to a cineplex near you: Candy Land.

Yup, the classic little kid board game is closer to becoming a movie. Reports are out that Adam Sandler might sign-on to a romp through the Gumdrop Mountains and Lollypop Woods.

If Candy Land does get made, it'd be only the latest board game turned into a movie. Of course, there's the classic: Clue. And Battleship is due to come out in May.

In today's Mid-day Extra, we look at whether board games are shaping up to be the next big trend in Hollywood. Here to talk with us is is Joshua Weinstein, who has been following the story for TheWrap.com.

He says that Hollywood studios are always looking for the next Transformers, or Twilight -- and that could mean trying to craft a plot out of lifeless board game characters. But, he points out, some movie makers are already backing down from plans to make more.

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