0112 skiing
Does seeing a snow-covered football field make more people want to book skiing vacations? - 

We all know that hotels, restaurants, even states, will try all kinds of advertising ploys to get people to come visit.

But sometimes you don't need ads.

According to a recent article in the Vail Daily News, some Colorado area resorts are seeing a bounce in the number of reservations this week because of last weekend's Denver Broncos football game.

Well, the game itself didn't really do anything, but people responded to the TV pictures of snow outside the Broncos' stadium. Ski resorts can see a booking boost when a big Denver Broncos game gets played in the snow. Seeing all that fluffy powder on game day, the theory goes, makes people want to go skiing much more than any true passion for the sport.

In today's Mid-day Extra, we look into whether there really is such a thing as the "Broncos bounce."

For answers, we went to Bobby Bowers, senior VP of operations at Smith Travel Researchers.

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