Guests try out the wireless connection to the Internet on their laptops onboard Boeing's latest aircraft 'Connexion', which allows passengers to connect on the Internet in flight. - 

Even in these rough economic times, sometimes it feels like we really are living in the future -- just think about the current start of air travel. Nowadays, you get on the plane, it takes off and for a small fee you are on the Internet -- flying a mile high, emailing, GChatting, and sharing videos with those down on the ground.

But it turns out, wireless internet service on planes -- including the most popular service GoGo -- really isn't all that popular. Just 4 percent of flyers are actually logging on.

We talk with Slate reporter and frequent traveler, Matt Yglesias, to find out why people aren't opting to pay for this service on their flights and what it might take to increase demaind.

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