1219 chose or lose
In 2008, presidential hopeful U.S. Sen. Barack Obama spoke with MTV news correspondent Sway Calloway during an MTV's 'Choose Or Lose' taping. - 

It seems after 20 years of being the official slogan of MTV during election seasons, "choose or Lose" is about to.. Well, get lost.

MTV has announced that for the coming election, the coverage will be called "Power of 12."

In today's Mid-day Extra, we ask: Will MTV's re-branding help bring out the youth voters this time around?

For insight into the elusive youth voter market, we went to Peter Ubertaccio, professor of political science at Stonehill College.

He says that while the campaign has had at least some effect on youth voting turnouts since it first began in 1992, the economic downturn has given more weight to the phrase. In 2008, voters went out and "chose," but they still don't feel like they have won. 

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