1215 basketball
Chris Paul will soon be playing for the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. - 

News from the world of sports today: star point guard Chris Paul is moving to Los Angeles to play basketball.

But not for the L.A. Lakers. Instead, he'll be suiting up for L.A.'s oft-forgotten basketball step-sibling, the L.A. Clippers.

Paul is one of the league's most identifiable and talented players and had been sought after by many teams after the league and players agreed to a collective bargaining deal to save the season.

Here to talk with us is the authority on all things Clippers, Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN. According to him, the jump to a big city team like the Clippers, even though Lakers eclipse them in terms of success, is mutually beneficial for both the franchise, and the player.

Does that mean Clippers fan Billy Crystal could soon be as frequent a courtside presence as legendary Lakers mega-fan Jack Nicholson?

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