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Resume building pamphlets are displayed during a job fair in San Mateo, Calif. The networking site LinkedIn has come up with a list of the most used professional buzzwords on the site. - 

What are the best words to use on your resume if you want to get a job?

Well, career social network LinkedIn has gone through its member profiles and says the following are the most commonly used.


Top 10 Profile Buzzwords in the U.S.

1. Creative

2. Organizational

3. Effective

4. Extensive experience

5. Track record

6. Motivated

7. Innovative

8. Problem solving

9. Communication skills

10. Dynamic


Problem is, according to LinkedIn, since those are the ones everyone's using, they don't mean that much anymore. The buzzords have changed a bit since the same study was done last year, but the take-home message remains clear: banish them from your profile (and resume) if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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