Writer Salman Rushdie speaks during the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. - 

The noted author’s actual name is Ahmed Salman Rushdie and he’s been having some trouble on Facebook. First, he says, the social media site didn’t believe that it was really him creating an account and they deactivated his account. He says he needed to send them a copy of his ID, after which the account was reactivated under the name Ahmed Rushdie.

From The Register:

Rushdie kept up the pressure on the dominant social network by continuously tweeting to his 115,000 followers in the hope of getting a response from Zuckerberg's crew.

He argued that Facebook "forcing" him to change his name was akin to "forcing" F Scott Fitzgerald to have a Facebook profile with the name Francis Fitzgerald instead. He went on to list other people in the public eye who had commonly used their middle names, including James Paul MacCartney, George Orson Welles and William Bradley Pitt.

Facebook finally caved and apologized and everyone’s happy or something.