20111021 girlscoutcookies
Girl Scouts Janice Olivieri and Sydney Lezberg sell cookies to Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn and his son Jackson in San Pedro, Calif. - 

Tess Vigeland: Our little blue plastic friend is heading to... NEW YORK CITY! And the headquarters of the Girl Scouts of America. Not because Piggy needs more cookies -- he most certainly does not, the little blue porker. But the Girl Scouts recently redesigned their badges and there are some new categories that caught our attention: Good Credit, Budgeting, Money Manager and Financing My Future (PDF).

Piggy and I are squealing with delight to see money skills as an important part of every girl's tool kit. So, your highest achievement is the Girl Scout Gold Award. Ours is a blue plastic pig.

Now, he's on his way to Manhattan, but we'd really love to hear from some local chapters about how you're going about earning these badges. So send us your stories. And while you're at it, maybe, send some cookies? Samoas for me and Stephen. Do-Si-Dos for Devin. Thin Mints for John. And Trefoils for Deb. You know -- if you just happen to have some lying around.

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