Wine painting
French artist Elisabeth Seguin prepares her colors as she paints with wine on in her studio in Liernais. - 

Candice Dalessandro: My name is Candice Dalessendro. I work at Gold's Gym in Vestavia, Ala. Alright, in my wallet, there's a lot of things that I don't need, some that I do. Like, I have a YMCA training certification for healthy lifestyles, which kinda defeats eating that Snickers bar today. I used to drive a school bus, so I have a lot of educator cards from Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million. Actually, we get discounts if we buy books, so it's kind of a nice little perk. Maybe I could still use those.

Let's see... Sips 'n Strokes, if you like to paint and drink wine, that's your place to go. Just don't share the wine or your picture may turn out kind of hideous, like mine did.

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