20110531 china trip kai
Kai Ryssdal interviews a representative at a GM factory in China on day two of his reporting trip. - 

TESS VIGELAND: If you're wondering where Kai is, he's in China for the next two weeks. We'll talk to him later this week but in the meantime he sent us some tape.

It's summertime in Shanghai. At least that's what the weather says: hazy, polluted, hot and humid. But the government has not yet declared it thus.

RICHARD CHOI: The way the Chinese determines summer is the number of consecutive hot days in a row. I mean, that's actually a big deal, because a lot of government agencies won't allow the air conditioning to be turned on until you get to the that 4th day, and then the 5th day, and the temperature plummets then you've got to restart the clock...

KAI RYSSDAL: That's actually a great little story.

VIGELAND: You can follow that story and more at Marketplace.org.

Kai is blogging and posting photos from his trip. So check that out.