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British designer John Galliano arrives at the police station for a face-to-face meeting with witnesses on February 28, 2011 in Paris. Top fashion designer John Galliano, already suspended from Dior for alleged anti-Semitic insults, faced fresh trouble today after a video emerged of him saying he loved Adolf Hitler. The video posted on a British newspaper's website is the latest blow to the flamboyant Galliano, 50, who was briefly detained last week for an alleged anti-Semitic rant, leading another woman to accuse him of a similar incident last year. - 

STEVE CHIOTAKIS: British fashion designer John Galliano will go on trial June 22 for allegedly making public anti-semitic insults. He lost his high-profile job at French fashion house Dior after being caught on film earlier this year praising Adolf Hitler. But does Galliano's downfall signal an end to all those ostentatious designers who've dominated the fashion world?

The BBC's Rebecca Singer reports.

REBECCA SINGER: McQueen, Lagerfeld, Galliano -- all big names as well known for their flamboyant style as for their extravagant designs. But when Sarah Burton was revealed as the designer of the Royal wedding dress, few people had even heard of her.

Tony Glenville is creative director at London College of Fashion. He says there's been a big shift in the attitude of the luxury fashion houses towards their top designers.

TONY GLENVILLE: It's interesting that the names being bandied around for replacement at Dior are quieter designers, designers that do not make themselves social butterflies, are not on the front of everything and are not always ready to be interviewed.

And having quieter, young designers who just get on with the job doesn't seem to be doing the labels any harm.

GLENVILLE: People are looking on fashion less as showbiz and more as what it should be which is about clothing people and doing a very good job at it.

If Galliano's found guilty he could face a year in jail and a $30,000 dollar fine.

In London, I'm the BBC's Rebecca Singer for Marketplace.