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Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., unveils new financial legislation on Capitol Hill, March 15, 2010. - 


STEVE CHIOTAKIS: There's a new man in charge of the Motion Picture Assocation of America. His name? Former Senator Christopher Dodd of Conn. He'll be in Washington lobbying on be half of Hollywood.

Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer explains why the job's considered a pretty plumb gig.

NANCY MARSHALL GENZER: Jack Valenti was Hollywood's top lobbyist for years. He was a larger-than-life figure. And gave the job lots of luster. But Valenti died four years ago. Since then, the Association's lost of bit of that luster. It's hoping to get it back with Chris Dodd's high profile in Washington.

He will have a challenge on his hands. Hollywood is facing stiff competition from high tech companies that have changed the way consumers get their entertainment. Still, there is the fun factor.

Joe Adalian is West Coast editor of Vulture.com.

JOE ADALIAN: If you're going to have to represent something in Washington, why not represent one of the nation's leading exports, which is show business as opposed to something boring like nuclear energy or steel.

It won't all be fun, though. Dodd will have to deal with the association's half-dozen film executives who have outsize egos, and sometimes competing interests.

In Washington, I'm Nancy Marshall Genzer for Marketplace.