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Passengers queue as they wait to pass through security scanners inside Domodedovo airport after a suspected suicide bomb attack. - 


STEVE CHIOTAKIS: Security's been stepped up at airports across Russia. That follows Monday's suicide bombing that killed 35 people and left dozens more injured there. The added measures could become permanent in Russia, but not necessarily around the globe.

From Moscow, Peter Van Dyk reports.

PETER VAN DYK: Russia's president says security at Russian airports may have to rise to levels seen in Israel, where airport security perimeters sometimes extend far beyond the terminal buildings.

U.S. and western security officials say the type of bombing that occurred in Moscow could just as easily have happened in the U.S. But since, Americans are already unhappy with the degree of intrusiveness at airport security, Phillip Baum, editor of Aviation Security International magazine, says that means the political will for more American security measures does not exist.

PHILLIP BAUM: Airport owners are trying to encourage off-airport business to come on to airport grounds and it does present a major security challenge that you cannot guard 100 percent against.

So while Russian officials say the airport attack highlights a different threat that security measures will have to adapt to, for now, U.S. travelers are unlikely to see stricter controls.

In Moscow, I'm Peter van Dyk for Marketplace.