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The new General Motors Chevy Cruze makes its entrance at the GM exhibit at the Detroit International Auto Show - 


JEREMY HOBSON: Well it's all about Consumer Electronics today in Vegas. But on Monday it'll be all about cars as the Auto Show kicks off in Detroit. Organizers are expecting more manufacturers will show up this year -- following two years of lackluster attendance.

Alisa Roth covers the auto industry for Marketplace and she says the early buzz is about a couple of *new vehicles.

Alisa Roth: The hottest cars at the show won't be crazy futuristic or luxurious top-of-the-line.

Michelle Krebs is an analyst at Edmunds.com. She says in the current economy, fanciful concept cars have gone the way of the Model T.

Michelle Krebs: We are seeing a much more down-to-earth approach introducing cars that people really will buy.

Favorites in Detroit this year will be a new sedan from VW, a mini-minivan from Ford and a revamped Honda Civic. The focus on the practical will extend to new technology, too.

Michael Robinet is an analyst at IHS Automotive. He says that means technology we can use now or very soon.

Michael Robinet: Bringing electrification down to the common vehicle in some respects. Reducing the price, really looking at more simpler systems that can save fuel and reduce emissions.

It wouldn't be an auto show without some glitz: Porsche -- which skipped the last few years -- will be back, ready to debut a new super car.

I'm Alisa Roth for Marketplace.