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Shoppers waiting in line at Best Buy in Los Angeles, Calif., on Nov, 28, 2008, otherwise known as Black Friday. - 

Dan Ackerman is a senior editor at CNET.com. He says if you have a smartphone, you need a barcode scanner app. There are a lot of them out there, but Dan says there isn't a huge difference between them.

Glenn Devitt lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., and says he's had great success just Googling the name of any site he's shopping on and adding the phrase "coupon codes."

Toby Delrahim of Fairfax, Va., recommends an app to help you navigate any mall you're shopping in. And Tom Rule of Macon, Ga., found a price comparison site that is mercifully free of pictures.

All three are members of our Public Insight Network.

Also in this show, Comcast is offering a 3D on-demand yule log channel this year. You heard me. John Moe ruminates on whether this is a good thing or the end of the world.