Host/actress Julia Sweeney speaks onstage during the 57th annual ACE Eddie Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 18, 2007 in Beverly Hills, Calif. - 

Julia Sweeney has an eclectic resume. She's been an accountant, sketch comedy performer on Saturday Night Live, movie actress in projects ranging from Pulp Fiction to It's Pat, and the star of several acclaimed solo stage shows. We've asked her to step into a somewhat different role: iPhone app reviewer. In the latest of our Celebrity App Review series, Julia tells us about an app called Lose It. In it, you input your current weight and your target weight and the app sets a course for you to get there. It takes some persistence and honesty on your part: you have to input all the calories you consume as well. Julia says it's turned dieting into a big video game.


Listen to the interview:

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