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Host Ryan Seacrest appears onstage at a press conference to officially announce the season 10 'American Idol' judges panel at The Forum on September 22, 2010 in Inglewood, Calif. - 


STEVE CHIOTAKIS: Millions of viewers in New York and
Philadelphia haven't been able to watch the
Fox network for a while now. That's because of a dispute between Fox and Cablevision in those markets. While those viewers can't watch,
a lot of younger viewers who are able to, don't watch.

Marketplace's Jennifer Collins reports.

Jennifer Collins: Maybe it's the dialog from the new sitcom, "Running Wilde."

Female character from "Running Wilde": I am going to make you a better man.

Male character from "Running Wilde": Not if I can make you a worse woman first.

Or maybe it's that old favorites, like...

"The Simpsons": The Simpsons...

...have gotten a little old. This fall, Fox has lost almost 17 percent of its young adult audience -- those 18- to 34-year-olds who let the network charge more for ads.

Brad Adgate is with Horizon Media.

Brad Adgate: "The Simpsons," for instance, gets about three times the advertising rate that "60 Minutes" gets even though "60 Minutes" delivers more viewers.

More older viewers. Fox still has a winner with its hit show "Glee," but new shows have struggled. Bill Carroll is a programming consultant.

Bill Carroll: They've already canceled one program and another of the shows seems to be on the fence.

Carroll says there's a little reality show that may drag Fox out of its slump.

Ryan Seacrest: This is "American Idol."

But it won't be here until January.

I'm Jennifer Collins for Marketplace.