20101012 windows phone 7 18
A person holds a new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system in New York, N.Y. - 

There's a new kid on the smartphone block. Monday, Microsoft debuted a bunch of new phones that all run the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Microsoft seems to be taking an interesting angle as far as marketing this platform: they're presenting it as the phone for people who want to get off the phone. The idea is to get the information you want in as few clicks/swipes/pushes as possible so you can get back to real life.

We talk about the phone with Ina Fried, senior editor at CNET.com, who joins us from the floor of the announcement event.

We also speak with Brian X. Chen, staff writer for "Wired" and author of the forthcoming book "Always On," which deals with how smart phones are changing our society.

Also in this program, humane societies in Oregon and Idaho have cats available for adoption. You can go in and see them OR you can play with them now over the Internet.