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Visitors examine Nintendo's portable video game console with a 3D display called the "Nintendo 3DS" at a conference in Chiba, suburban Tokyo. - 


BILL RADKE: Shares of Nintendo are down almost 10 percent in Japan today. The electronics giant has announced its much anticipated 3DS hand-held console is not going to be out in time for the holiday season.

Here's the BBC's Jon Bithrey.

JON BITHREY: The 3DS is the first gaming device to offer the full 3D viewing experience -- and you don't need special glasses. Nintendo want the 3Ds to be as successful as their Wii. But they've disappointed fans and investors alike by saying the device won't be ready in time for the holidays. Matt Martin from the website GamesIndustry.biz says a pre-Christmas release would have boosted flagging console sales.

MATT MARTIN: They've taken a hit like everything else. And I think this year, in particular, has been slow and there's been a decline. But yeah, I think the 3DS next year will be a kinda catalyst that will boost the market and boost entertainment generally.

The computer gaming market is fiercely competitive with Nintendo up against Sony and Microsoft, both of whom have launched enhancements to their gaming stations. But for Nintendo fans in the U.S. waiting for the 3D hand-held experience, they'll have to hang on until March.

In London, I'm the BBC's Jon Bithrey, for Marketplace.