20100325 ipad 18
A man plays with the Apple iPad during an Apple Special Event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Calif. - 

The Dell Streak is a combination smart phone / computer tablet. We'll call it a Smablet. It goes on sale tomorrow (Dell is taking pre-orders as of today) and it's Dell's entry into a potentially huge market for devices similar to Apple's hugely popular iPad.

It's not just Dell either. HP has been working on a tablet, Blackberry may launch something called the BlackPad this fall. Pretty much any company that makes computers is either making a tablet or thinking about it long and hard. It's a land rush.

We talk to David Carnoy, executive editor at CNET, who says the Streak is not likely to have the same impact as the iPad but it's a case of Dell trying to stake out it's own unique settlement on the tablet frontier.

We also check in with analyst Jim McGregor about why the tablet industry is exploding in terms of innovation and adoption. And we speak with Brian X. Chen of Wired who tells us what the future multi-screen world might look like.