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A Texas wind farm operated by Cielo Wind Power, which is receiving federal stimulus funds for a project involving Chinese companies. - 

Most news from Google involves stuff like search ads, web services, mobile computing. The occasional Buzz or Wave, perhaps, that is a little confusing. But at the very least, no matter what Google does, it always involves a computer in some way. Well, not any more. Google has begun investing in wind power. This week, Google agreed to buy 114 megawatts of electricity from an Iowa wind farm.

We heard that and we were all what the--?

Turns out that even though they're a web company, Google is getting into the energy business, making plans to buy up energy, resell it, and keep the renewable energy credits that go with it. We talk to CNET's Martin Lamonica about Google's plans. We also check in with energy industry analyst Sam Jaffe about how this all works.