20100719 glamourmagazine
A copy of Glamour magazine. The appearance in Glamour magazine of a model who fills more of the page than fashion's usual rake-thin stars is getting big cheers from U.S. women. - 

Everyone wants a piece of the iPad, but the magazine industry has responded with particular gusto. Maybe it's that the iPad is about the size of a National Geographic. Maybe it's that beautiful color graphics are a skill the magazine industry has honed for decades. Maybe it's just the optimistic belief that this device, despite its parallel ability to play skee ball for hours on end, will somehow bring reading back.

Last month's most feted and vetted iPad magazine release was Wired. This month it was Popular Mechanics. We talk with the deputy editor who led the team that designed the Popular Mechanics iPad app about how they're changing the magazine experience, and why the iPad is the place to be. But Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore is skeptical the revolution has begun. And Conde Nast veteran Jacob Lewis (now with Figment.com) is still waiting for a new business model behind that magical screen.

(Guest host: Jeff Horwich)

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