20100716 appleiphonepressconference
Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer Inc., speaks during a press conference regarding the Apple iPhone 4 reception problems at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. Jobs announced that Apple will provide customers with cases at no additional cost to help solve the reception problems and refund customers who have already bought the Apple bumpers until Sept. 30, 2010. - 

If you own an iPhone 4, Apple has a present for you. Starting later this week, you can get a free case for your phone. It's an offer that Apple hope puts an end to a series of complaints about calls dropping if you touch the antenna. According to Consumer Reports, if you have a case or even just some tape covering the antenna, problem solved. On Friday, Apple head honcho Steve Jobs took to the stage at company headquarters to address this issue. It was an odd announcement. He said that all smart phones with antennae lose signal when touched like this and Apple is not alone. He also claimed that fewer people have used cases for the 4 so it's a more noticeable problem. But in the end he said the company would provide free cases for everyone who has bought an iPhone 4 and anyone who will buy one between now and September 30.

We talk to Steve Henn from Marketplace about what happened at the event. We also check in with Steven Levy, a veteran technology journalist and senior writer for Wired, about what this means to the future of Apple.

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