20100702 american flag francis scott key 18
Francis Scott Key hoists the first American flag in New York (artistic depiction, not an actual picture) - 

We were gonna pay for financial reform
with a tax on the banks, who created the storm.
Instead, the money will come from -- I swear --
the bailout fund. 'Cause that seems fair.

The recovery is tiring.
Nobody's hiring.
Something wrong with Toyota's wiring.

Let's see . . .
World Cup . . . the Americans lose.
I'm trying to find some positive news.

Oh, the oil spill's fixed! . . . Nah, I'm just teasin' --
It's spewing like hell and it's hurricane season.

Uh, Supreme Court squashes the handgun ban?
I guess that's good, for a firearm fan.

You know what, these headlines are leaving me flat
It's a three-day weekend, let's focus on that.

Have fun with your sparklers and Francis Scott Key,
and I'll see you at marketplace.org.