20100521 marketplace minute may12 18
Images of Facebook, BP, and the Iceland volcano represent news items in this week's Marketplace Minute With Bill Radke. - 

I take off work for a couple of weeks
And in that time, the entire world freaks.
Stocks seek
A retreat from their peaks,
Which speaks to the havoc that's wreaked
By the Greeks.

BP seeks
To speak
To critiques
That its technique
For plugging leaks

And speaking of bleak --
Tough week
For the euro.
Which, Stephen Beard in our London bureau,
Reminds us is not good for U.S. exports.
Germany outlawed "naked shorts."

Democrats say their financial reform
Can keep the collapse from becoming the norm.
It's solving the problem, it's lifting the curse.
Republicans say it makes everything worse.

Iceland's volcano's resuming.
It's pluming
Which has airlines fuming --
But train travel's booming!

And you knew this would come out sooner or later:
Facebook's been sharing your personal data.

I promise you no one will see your ID
When you hang out at Marketplace.org.