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Cars manufactured by General Motors, which include Cadillacs, Pontiacs, GMC and Saab's, wait for buyers at a dealership in Los Angeles. - 


Bill Radke: "May the Best Car Win." That's the slogan for a new General Motors promotion that starts Monday. GM says if you don't like your new car or truck you can return it within 31 to 60 days
for a full refund. No questions asked -- return it for any reason.

Customer #1: Mmm, the new car smell is wearing off.

Sure, sure we've all had that problem.

Customer #2: It just doesn't get along with my other car.

You should not have to deal with that.

Customer #3: This fuel-effecient car makes me look fat.

Oh, yeah. Been there, bro.

Customer #4: It won't float.

Uhh . . . like I said, any reason at all. The car just can't have more than 4,000 miles on it, and the driver has to be current on payments. The guarantee will cover purchases through the end of November.