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Mexican President Felipe Calderon speaks during the opening of the 'National Agreement to Support Family Economy and Employment' at the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City - 


Bob Moon: There are some real bragging rights attached to being the first country to meet with the incoming American president. China wants that honor. Canada does, too. But the winner is Mexico. Today in Washington, Obama will meet with Mexican President Felipe Calderon. As Dan Grech reports from the Americas Desk at WLRN, economic issues will top the agenda.

Dan Grech: Mexico's bloody drug war is spilling over the border. But so is the U.S. recession, dragging down Mexico's economy, too. The leaders will also hash out issues like NAFTA, immigration reform, and a billion-dollar package to fight the drug war.

Jeffrey Davidow is former U.S. ambassador to Mexico:

Jeffery Davidow: We have important issues to discuss with Mexico. Immigration, trade, environment. They are our closest neighbors, one of our largest trading partners. And they're very sensitive to the kind of relationship that they establish with American presidents.

The two leaders have something in common: They're both launching economic stimulus packages for their respective nations. Just last week, Calderon said he would freeze fuel and electricity prices in an effort to curb inflation, which hit a seven-year high in 2008.

I'm Dan Grech for Marketplace.