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Workers prepare to remove a sailboat washed up onto the edge of the highway into Galveston by Hurricane Ike. - 


Scott Jagow: The country does have a natural disaster to deal with. A lot of people in the Houston area still don't have power 10 days after Hurricane Ike. Ed Mayberry reports from KUHF in Houston.

Ed Mayberry: It's clean-up time for Rodney Nix. His south Houston bar had been shut down because of the lack of power, and he's anxious to see his customers again.

Rodney Nix: They wanna relax, come talk about what happened to 'em and everything. They'll gather around and we'll hear their bunch of stories, you know?

Centerpoint Energy has been working around the clock for over a week to restore electricity for nearly two million customers. The outages affect traffic signals, creating commuting nightmares. The lack of power is affecting how fast gasoline refineries can ramp up production. The Port of Houston says normal operations have resumed, although the port's Tom Kornegay says it's too early to calculate the economic impact.

Tom Kornegay: I just don't have a number right today. We actually, we were down almost a week.

Galveston's port is still shut down. And tomorrow marks the first time most Galveston residents will be allowed back on the island to survey damage.

From Houston, I'm Ed Mayberry for Marketplace