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Gas prices over $4 per gallon displayed at a Union 76 station in Burlingame, Calif. - 


Lisa Napoli: Four dollar a gallon gas has become a reality. At least it has in Hawaii. Garrett Nishida is the front desk manager of the Sheraton in Maui. We got him on the phone before he went home for the night to get a report from the ground.

Garrett Nishida: It's right out in the highlands, $3.91.

Napoli: Where is that? That's not far from you?

Nishida: Yeah, that's on the west side of Maui. But where I live, in the central part of Maui, it's $3.95 for regular.

Napoli: What else can you do with four bucks? You think that as you pump gas in your car?

Nishida: Yeah. Even mine, I just think that it is cheaper to pay for gas than buying a 12 oz. beer at the bar. Here, we pay about $3.50, during happy hour maybe, for domestic beer.

Napoli: Now, that sounds like a bargain. Garrett Nishida of Maui says high prices are just part of living in paradise.