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The area in Aberdeenshire, Scotland where Donald Trump wanted to build a $2 billion luxury golf course. His bid has been turned down by local politicians. - 


Doug Krizner: Donald Trump might not get the chance to tee off on building a $2 billion luxury golf resort in northeast Scotland. His plan has been rejected by local politicians in Aberdeenshire. Although the decision can be appealed.

Let's bring in Mickey Foote of the Aberdeen Sustainability Group. Mickey, what's the issue?

Mickey Foote: Well, Trump's vision was of destroying 1,400 acres of the most beautiful countryside coastline in Aberdeenshire. I mean, we've said all along that this golf resort was a marketing device to sell high-end properties.

Krizner: Mickey, are you a golfer?

Foote: I'm not a golfer, but I do enjoy watching golf. I've got no beef with golf. What I've got a beef with is the destruction of our countryside for profit.

Krizner: What about the economic benefit that Aberdeenshire might see as a result of--

Foote: --and what is this economic benefit that you talk of? It was demonstrable that this was a national economic benefit. We have a Gross Domestic Product of 8 billion pounds. This was proposing a 50 million pound a year income, which was Mr. Trump's unchallenged figure. There is no economic gain, this is part of the myth.

Krizner: Mickey Foote is with the Aberdeen Sustainability Group. Hey Mickey, thanks so much for talking with us.

Foote: OK, bye.