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Workers attempt to repair an oil leak at BP's Prudoe Bay oil field facility on August 7, 2006 in Prudoe Bay, Alaska. Provided by BP - 


Doug Krizner: Meantime BP is restoring its Prudhoe Bay field in Alaska to full capacity this morning. We have more from Stephen Beard

Stephen Beard: The leak was tiny. Less than a gallon of oil was spilled. Nevertheless BP shut down 10,000 barrels of output a day for a week just to carry out a minor repair.

This costly exercise may look like an overreaction, but after BP's Texas City Refinery disaster and the huge oil spillage in Alaska last year, BP has an image to repair, says Chris Skrebowski of Petroleum Review.

Chris Skrebowski: They'll have to spend perhaps more than is strictly warranted for a bit on maintenance, on addressing even the smallest of setbacks, in order to reassure both regulators and public.

BP has promised to spend an extra half a billion dollars maintaining and repairing its pipelines in Alaska.

In London, this is Stephen Beard for Marketplace.