20060509 johanna pinzler
Johanna Pinzler, wowing 'em at Brandy's Piano Bar in New York City. She's worked there for nine years. - 


MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: And on today's Job Files, a hard-working performer who wasn't nominated for an award this year.

JOHANNA PINZLER: (singing) "All of me, why not take all of me? . . ."

My name is Johanna Pinzler and I work as a singing waitress.

People are always amazed that I do both things. They will be shocked when I go up and take the microphone and start to sing, and they can't believe that I'm not a star. There's thousands of talented actors in New York who aren't, and I just got lucky enough to be in a job where you got to see my talent displayed for you.

Well, I love to sing. It's nice to get paid for it. It's nice when, actually this has happened the same person more than once, he'll ask me to sing, usually Patsy Cline or something like that, and he will hand me $100.

We've had to call the cops at the bar, I mean it's a bar. I have broken up fights. It's one of the things you have to put up with so that you can get the rewards. And the rewards are that there are times when you've got a room in the palm of your hand, and you can hear a pin drop. There's really nothing like that in the world.