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Presenters gift box from the 2006 Golden Globes, valued at $62,000. - 


SCOTT JAGOW: The Golden Globes awards are Monday in Beverly Hills. But this year, something will be missing. Those gift bags they hand out with all that swag in them. Yesterday, the Golden Globes said it was getting rid of them because of tax concerns. The Marketplace Players feel real bad about it.

ANNOUNCER: This year, Justin Timberlake will present a Golden Globe award. Yet for him, it's a time of sorrow.

Thanks to the IRS, there will be no gift basket for Justin. That means no Christian Dior watch. No $5,000 dollar Chinese wedding chest.

If his favorite stars don't win, he'll have to actually pay for a cashmere blanket on which to dry his tears.

But with your help, it doesn't have to be this way. A single pledge of 5-, 3- or even $100,000 can provide Justin and his family with a year's worth of champagne.

And we can combine your pledge with others to clothe and accessorize all of Beverly Hills.

Please give. Because stars have to shine.

JAGOW: Rico Gagliano produced that sketch.