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Blu-ray disc movies on display at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - 


SCOTT JAGOW: We're spending some time in Las Vegas this week for the Consumer Electronics Show. Hollywood has a keen interest in what's going on there. It's hard to believe a few years ago, the studios tried to outlaw the VCR. I mean, home video now makes up almost half of a movie's gross receipts. Our man in Vegas, Bob Moon gives us a Hollywood history lesson.

BOB MOON: It was a studio named Disney that led that long and bitter legal fight against the VCR right after it was introduced at one of these consumer electronics shows several decades ago.

These days, Disney chief Bob Iger is sounding a lot more diplomatic.

While many in Hollywood now perceive the proliferation of digital technology as a new opening for possible piracy, Iger sees the future.

BOB IGER: Technological advances provide us tremendous opportunities to engage the consumer with more depth and breadth in a more convenient and personal way.

Indeed, Iger pointed out he's pushed to make content from Disney, ABC and ESPN available on nearly every electronic device, despite piracy challenges the new technologies might create.

IGER: From my perspective, the best way to combat piracy is to bring content to market on a well-timed, well-priced basis.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer took the stage with Iger and said he feels challenged to turn out content that'll match the stunning quality now offered by the technology on display here.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I'm Bob Moon for Marketplace.