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Frederic Gauthier is a sommelier at Restaurant LaLoux in Montreal, Canada, guiding diners through a list of over 250 wines. - 


Sommelier, Restaurant LaLoux


red wine

Region/Vintage/Winemaker: Spain, Campo de Borja, 2004, Borsao

Grape: Grenache, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon

Serve with: Traditional chicken enchiladas

white wine

Region/Vintage/Winemaker : Argentina, Mendoza, 2004, Alta Vista

Grape: Torrontes

Serve with: Sushi

FROM $30-$40:

red wine

Region/Vintage/Winemaker : France, Morgon, 2003, Marcel Lapierre

Grape: Gamay from Beaujolais

Serve with: mixed plate of dried meats with caramelized onions and Port wine Jam

white wine

Region/Vintage/Winemaker : France, Savennieres, 2002, Nicolas Joly

Grape: Chenin Blanc from Loire Valley

Serve with: Queso de Serra de Estrella (portugese sheep milk cheese) and Marmelos (quince and honey jam)

Over $100:

Region/Vintage/Winemaker : France, Hermitage, 2000, Jean-Louis Chave

Grape: Syrah from Rhone Valley

Serve with: Grilled steak and sauteed wild mushrooms